You can send new visitors to your website, but if those users aren't taking enough action you won't accomplish your goals.

On the other hand, a website can be optimized to maximize revenue or engagement per visitor but if its got no traffic then it will fall short. So effective web marketing has to combine the best of both worlds - traffic and conversion.

A Combination of Two Hemispheres

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • SEO - Organic Traffic
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Affiliates
  • Other Promotions
  • Email Capture / Lead Magnets
  • Abandoned Cart Follow Up
  • CRO - Split Testing
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Nurture Automation
  • Call Tracking

Traffic Hemisphere

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

    • Google Adwords Certified
    • Google Partner
    • Google Analytics Certified
    • Facebook PPC and Remarketing
    • Bing
  • Email Marketing

    • Mobile Optimized HTML Email Templates
    • API Integration and Automation
    • Advanced Deliverability
    • Experience with Infusionsoft, aWeber, MailChimp, iContact, ConstantContact, StreamSend, GetResponse, ExactTarget and more
  • Affiliate Marketing

    • Integration of affiliate platforms like JROX and Post Affiliate Pro
    • Integration of affiliate networks like Commission Junction, ShareASale and others
    • Joint Venture tracking
  • Social Media

    • While we don't do content generation, we can help publish and track
    • Link customization for google analytics attribution
    • Video encoding for YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia
    • Social Sign-on and Social Promotion (Like Us and get X% Off)
  • Search Engine Optimization

    • We recommend using PPC as the laboratory, then SEO to go after profitable keywords
    • We can help with on-page optimization, internal linking and robots indexing
    • We can recommend partners for link building, content generation, page rank improvement and long tail keyword research
    • We have ranked page 1 for very competitive keywords
  • Other Promotions

    • Radio strategies
    • Toll free number tracking for craigslist, print ads
    • SMS marketing - broadcasts, send TXT get PDF report for live events

Conversion Hemisphere

  • Email Capture / Lead Magnets

    • Custom lightbox lead magnets with email capture
    • Customizable delay and functionality (show only on certain pages)
    • API Integration with your ESP
  • Conversion Rate Optimization and Split Testing

    • Customer Theory Development
    • Landing Page Optimization
    • Ecommerce and Cart Optimization
    • A/B Tracking in GA, VWO, Optimizely, Unbounce
    • Heatmap tracking, form and funnel visualization
    • Stastical analysis and reporting
  • Mobile Optimization

    • Responsive Web Design or Adaptive (m.dot)
    • Mobile lead magnets
    • Mobile Magento Ecommerce
    • App-like shortcut creation
  • Abandoned Cart Follow Up

    • We offer the most advanced abandoned cart functionality available
    • Our tools and processes capture 200% more emails to follow up on
    • Ajax email capture on form field entry
    • Cart recovery from any device (not reliant on cookie)
  • Nurture Automation

    • Sequential auto-responder coding
    • Advanced tagging through APIs
    • Advanced campaign logic, incorporating email, SMS, tagging and order forms
  • Call Tracking

    • Advanced call tracking with attribution back to ad campaign and channel
    • IfByPhone, CallRail
    • Landing page optimization for increased calls
    • Custom phone numbers for tracking print and radio ads
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