Joe Rollinson

Chief Executive Officer

Joe is an entrepreneur and engineer with over 17 years of management experience, much of it with startups.
In 1997 he was one on the early employees to join SimpleNet, a small web hosting company that grew quickly and was acquired by Mark Cuban's Broadcast.com.
Soon after that Broadcast.com was acquired by Yahoo! for $6 Billion. Joe worked for Yahoo! for 5 years, and was part of the management team for a division of Yahoo! Premium Services that generated $25 million a year in revenues with just 30 employees. In 2003 he left Yahoo! to start SpeedEOrder - a startup that brought a new web and phone ordering concept to market in partnership with McDonald's, Quiznos, Krispy Kreme and others.

As the CEO of SpeedEOrder Joe was successful in raising venture capital, building out a management and engineering team, and then ultimately bringing the service to market. But consumer adoption proved to be slower than expected, so he chose to use his assembled team to start building out services for others, giving birth to Best Worlds. Over the past decade Best Worlds has worked with many startups, several of whom were acquired after double or triple digit growth in their online sales.
Best Worlds has also partnered with large companies such as Collective Licensing International (owners of Airwalk, Sims, Clinch Gear, Lamar, Vision Street Wear and others), Paradise Pen (North American licensees of Cartier, Cross, Parker and other major pen brands), and Sunfood (market leaders in online raw and organic food sales).

When not working you'll find Joe out on the water racing sailboats or finding adventure with his wife Elise and kids Nicole and JT.

Alex Perez

VP of Engineering

Alex has been coding on the web since Netscape was king (almost 2 decades).
He worked on one of the first intranets for pharmaceutical giant Roche, supporting 6500 employees, and also built intranets for Dupont and Osde Medical Group.
He later took those skills to Verizon where he helped build management support tools for the VP of Global Internet Services. But it seemed like guys working on the front end might be having more fun, so after a few years he joined the Digital Marketing division of Mazda Motor Corporation, managing the web development team. After several years running his own web development firm Alex was recruited to join Best Worlds in 2011.
Alex loves new challenges and prides himself on thinking outside of the box when the "tech hits the fan".

When not slinging code or helping clients you'll find Alex below the water scuba diving or above the water river rafting.

Paula Trech

Senior Project Manager

Paula is a Certified Klaviyo Expert with over a decade of experience working with working global technology firms. She has held positions in the United States, Argentina and Colombia for large multinational companies like EMC Corporation, Cisco and SAP. While with SAP she managed the accounts for Exxon Mobil, Shlumberger, Kimberly Clark, Deloitte, HollyFrontier and Sysco, among others.

Paula has a passion for details and communication across borders and languages. She has spent most of her career in a multi-lingual environment - interfacing between English speaking U.S. companies and their Spanish speaking partners in Latin America.

When not at work you can find Paula out hiking or planning her next travel adventure.

We've been in your shoes. Before we were an agency we were a startup, and before that most of us were working for large brands in the web development or ecommerce departments. Why does that matter? Because when we say we guarantee ROI, it means we will put ourselves in your shoes and really think about what will get you the best bang for the buck. Your return on investment will often be measured by an increase in revenues. But it could also be measured by an increase in stability, security and productivity, or a decrease in complaints. Either way we don't start work until we're clear what the larger business goal is.

You'll naturally be comparing us to other agencies in terms of price, capabilities and past work. We're confident you'll find our rates and skills are very competitive. Especially when it comes to magento - most companies with our track record and with certified developers are charging 50% more than we are. But we have found an especially good fit for companies that are trying to decide whether to hire developers internally. For the cost of a mid-level developer you can have your own virtual chief technology officer managing a senior team of developers with a diverse and broad set of skills. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses - it's very hard to hire a single developer that has the same skills and experiences of a whole team.

But by far the most important thing about us is our ability to tackle the really tough code challenges. We have inherited quite a few problem cases - too many plugins or extensions piled together resulting in breakages or slow page loads or inaccurate data. There's no "can't" in our vocabulary - it's always just a matter of time and resources and possible alternatives. We love working with APIs and integrating great marketing tools and making sure it's all tracked and measured.

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