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Magento Innovations Lab

CEO Joe Rollinson presents Best Worlds A/B Testing Extension
on the Main stage at Magento’s Imagine Conference 2019.

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eCommerce Development

Certified theming, backend customization, extension devel/install, marketing integrations, performance optimizations and migrations.

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Responsive Web

Mobile-friendly web design using HTML5/CSS3/JQuery/PHP either from scratch or themed on top of Wordpress or Joomla.

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More action from your existing traffic - A/B/n test design and execution, abandoned cart recovery, UX improvement, customer theory development and advanced tracking.

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Web Marketing
& Advertising

Google and Facebook Pay-Per-Click, Remarketing and Analytics. Advanced Email Marketing and CRM Integrations (i.e. Infusionsoft, MailChimp, SalesForce, etc.)

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Best Worlds is a true business partner. They were able to support our e-commerce and web development needs in a prompt, professional and cost effective manner - anytime we needed them. I cannot recommend them enough for any size organization that needs a professional solution for the day-to-day and epic challenges every business faces.

Chris Quinby, Creative Director

The Advanced A/B Extension allowed us to test a coordinated change in navigation, categorization and theme that would have been impossible to test otherwise. The test allowed us to get executive team buy off because we had 100% certainty how the changes were performing against the original. We were thrilled to see a 52% increase in overall conversion rate and a 92% increase in desktop conversion. If you have a lot of SKUs and a tough organization challenge I highly recommend testing different categorization approaches. The Best Worlds extension is the only way I know of to do that in Magento.

JD Proulx, Marketing Manager

The mobile shortcut extension was a great way for us to get a mobile storefront running fast so we could test the waters. Changes were a lot easier without having to worry about desktop and we were able to see some nice optimization wins over the first few months as a result. But the big wins came over the holidays, with a 49% increase in mobile conversion rate and a 57% increase in mobile revenues. And it was all at a fraction of the cost of what we were looking at to go responsive.

Elizabeth Bailey, VP of Partnerships & Business Development

We saw a 43% increase in mobile conversion rate and an 113% increase in mobile revenues after launching the Best Worlds mobile storefront extension. The lift resulted in a nice boost to our overall conversion rate and revenues as well. Best Worlds took care of all of the theme matching and testing and made it all very turn key. If you don't have a mobile-friendly version of your Magento store and don't want to go through a complete redesign - this is the way to go.

Jeff Brady, General Manager

We saw a 700% increase in recovered carts when we replaced our previous extension with the advanced cart recovery service from Best Worlds. In fact we recovered the cost of the extension and installation service within the first month. Since then we're on track to see a 17X ROI on the year from recovered carts. It's brought in a lot more sales than I thought it would. We're now seeing between 6% and 8% of our total sales coming from abandoned cart emails. This has clearly made it easier for shoppers who aren't ready on the first visit to come back and buy when they're ready.

Jim Paradise, Executive Vice President

The advanced cart recovery is performing much better than we expected. After enabling the advanced features we doubled the amount of abandoned carts we could follow up on, and we're now getting over 12% of our sales from recovered carts. It's a really nice boost in sales for how little it took to get going.

Kerri Kauffman, Vice President of Marketing

The abandoned cart extension paid for itself in a few weeks - I wish every magento extension had that kind of ROI. We decided to split test some of the advanced features and saw a nice jump in recovered carts from the tactics. It's a no brainer.

Michael Johnson, CEO

Joe and Best Worlds helped us grow our web sales. They have always felt like part of the team - highly recommended!

Dan Henderson, UFC Legend and ClinchGear Co-Founder

Over the last couple of years Best Worlds has been fully responsible for all programming code and maintenance of our highly customized e-commerce platform. We tried other programmers before luckily stumbling upon Best Worlds. What the others could not accomplish in six months, Best World Web was able to produce within weeks. They are always available, incredibly reliable, and have gone above and beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions. They work hard to meet deadlines and are in constant communication with status updates. I highly recommend Best World Web for any programming need and happily serve as a reference.

Tammy Arnold, CEO, BrightenHall Inc.

I'm very happy with my website built by the Best Worlds team. Through the entire process they were extremely responsive, pro-active and always available for training and technical support. Additionally Joe Rollinson brought his marketing expertise to the project to greatly increase our ecommerce sales.

Kelly Howell, President Brain Sync

Best Worlds has been a long time partner and has played an integral part in the eCommerce efforts of our Airwalk, Clinch Gear and Vision Street Wear brands. We're always adding advanced functionality to keep up with marketing trends and BWW has done a great job of putting our ideas into action while keeping financials and performance in mind. They have worked seamlessly with our internal Design & Marketing teams and have always kept up with the fast pace of our initiatives.

Matt Ballard
VP, Finance & Operations
Collective Licensing International
Airwalk, Clinch Gear, Sims, Lamar, Vision Street Wear, Above the Rim, Hind

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