eCommerce Development

Front End – Theming

  • Highly Optimized Abandoned Cart
  • Mobile: Both Responsive and "M Dot" type mobile themes
  • Custom Theming
  • Deep Functionality Customization (non-traditional magento uses)
  • Phtml content by xml parsed content at static blocks

Back End – Coding

  • Full Page Cache – Enterprise Edition and 3rd Party for Community Edition
  • Experience with both Community Edition and Enterprise Edition


  • Amazon / Ebay listings, orders and inventory synchronization
  • Custom Functionality Integration (re: refill finder, apparel customizer, etc.)
  • Email marketing integration and sync
  • ERP Integration

Marketing Tools

  • Magento Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Advanced Magento Split Testing – down to completely different configurations
  • Advanced Google Analytics event tracking

Performance Optimization

  • Redis
  • Memcache
  • APC
  • Mysql Percona Server
  • CDN Integration
  • Load Testing
  • High Traffic Setups
  • Multi Server Environments


  • Advanced Filtered Navigation
  • Extension Development / Customization
  • NoPOBox Integration in checkout
  • ThemeSwitcher (from mobile theme to desktop)
  • Fraud Modules
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